Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Reading list

Here are some papers we have been reading recently:

Neural Sampling by Irregular Gating Inhibition of Spiking Neurons and Attractor Networks by Lorenz K. Müller and Giacomo Indiveri
This paper shows how a neural network model implements an MCMC sampler.

Trade-Offs in Delayed Information Transmission in Biochemical Networks by F. Mancini, M. Marsili and A. M.Walczak
Here the authors investigate the dissipation required for simple models of sensors to transmit information.

Discrete fluctuations in memory erasure without energy cost by Toshio Croucher, Salil Bedkihal, and Joan A. Vaccaro
This extends Landauer’s principle to an angular momentum cost instead of an energy cost.

Experimental rectification of entropy production by a Maxwell's Demon in a quantum system by P. A. Camati, J. P. S. Peterson, T. B. Batalhão, K. Micadei, A. M. Souza, R. S. Sarthour, I. S. Oliveira and R. M. Serra
This paper describes the theory of a quantum Maxwell’s demon and an experiment where both the demon and the system are spin-1/2 quantum systems.

Minimal positive design for self-assembly of the Archimedean tilings by Stephen Whitelam
This paper shows that a certain amount of specificity in interactions is required for particles to self-assemble into a certain pattern.

Energy-Effcient Algorithms by Erik D. Demaine, Jayson Lynch, Geronimo J. Mirano and Nirvan Tyagi
The authors consider a formalism for identifying the minimal energetic costs of efficient computational algorithms.

Information Flows? A Critique of Transfer Entropies by Ryan G. James, Nix Barnett and James P. Crutchfield
This paper highlights the subtleties in identifying "flows of information" from one system to another.

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